List of Faculty in the Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics (GGAM)

GGAM comprises faculty members from departments across the campus, including its home, the Department of Mathematics. Below is a brief description of faculty research, links to personal and departmental web pages plus some "Related Courses" which can serve as a general study guideline for students interested in research with a particular faculty member. Students who want a more complete description of a faculty member's research interests are encouraged to contact them.

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Biomedical Engineering Bodega Marine Laboratory
Center for Neuroscience Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Civil and Environmental Engineering
Computer Science Department of Pharmacology
Economics Electrical and Computer Engineering
Environmental Science and Policy Evolution and Ecology
Graduate School of Management Land, Air and Water Resources
Materials Science & Engineering Mathematics
Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Molecular and Cellular Biology
Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior Physics

NameResearch/Related Courses
Chen, Shu-huaNumerical modeling in Atmospheric Science.
Harter, ThomasFlow and transport processes in ground water and in the vadose zone; stochastic analysis of such processes in heterogeneous porous systems; numerical modeling; assessment and remediation of ground water contamination; nonpoint source pollution of ground water; geostatistics.

Check out this site to view videos of a colloquium, Advanced Modeling Concepts for Environmental Sciences.

Nathan, Terry R.Numerical and asymptotic methods applied to problems in atmospheric dynamics and geophysical fluid dynamics.
Ullrich, PaulMy research focuses largely on the design and evaluation of innovative modeling techniques that improve the accuracy and eciency of atmospheric general circulation models, and using these models to answer scienti c questions related to atmospheric dynamics and the interplay of dynamics on regional and global scales.
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