Sample In-Depth Courses

Applied Math has a broad scope, and the GGAM program reflects that with it's 'Field of Application' requirement, allowing the student to pursue courses specific to their own research interests. These are meant to be examples, and not an exhaustive nor restrictive list.

Field of Application (FOA): Minimum of 12 additional units in an applied area, such as, optimization and control, differential equations, probability and statistics, discrete mathematics, mathematical physics, mathematical biology, harmonic analysis and signal processing, etc. Out of this minimum of 12 additional units, at least one course of 3 or more units must be outside of Mathematics. For a list of sample curricula in sample fields, see the webpage below and consult with potential thesis advisor.

A student eager to learn computational and optimization aspects of machine learning including relevant feature extraction techniques could take:

A student interested in algorithm design and scalable computation for machine learning could choose from:

A graduate student can also take courses in other Departments, if appropriate. For example, the following courses will provide a strong foundation for a data science graduate student focusing on neuroscience: