Ullrich, Paul - GGAM Faculty

Land, Air and Water Resources

Email: paullrich@ucdavis.edu
Web page: https://climate.ucdavis.edu/

Area of Interest

My research focuses largely on the design and evaluation of innovative modeling techniques that improve the accuracy and eciency of atmospheric general circulation models, and using these models to answer scienti c questions related to atmospheric dynamics and the interplay of dynamics on regional and global scales.

Courses Related to Research Interests

MAT 118ABC Undergraduate Partial Differential Equations MAT 128AB Numerical Analysis MAT 218 Partial Differential Equations MAT 221 Mathematical Fluid Dynamics MAT 226AC Numerical Methods ATM 121AB Atmospheric Dynamics ATM 221 Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics ATM 241 Climate Dynamics ATM 255 Numerical Modeling of the Atmosphere Students under my advisement are recommended to have at least one senior-level course in numerical methods and are also recommended to have a working knowledge of Matlab, C/C++ or Fortran.