GGAM Faculty Information

Manikantan, Harishankar - GGAM Faculty

Chemical Engineering


Area of Interest

Hari Manikantan works on mathematical modeling of continuum mechanics, and is broadly interested in problems involving fluid dynamics, multiphase flows, elasticity, soft matter, numerical methods, rheology, biophysics, hydrodynamic stability, nonlinear dynamics, and pattern formation. His current research interests include the nonlinear rheology of fluid interfaces in lipid layers, emulsions, and foams; the configurational dynamics and stability of elastic microfilaments such as biopolymers; and the flow of non-Newtonian fluids in porous media with applications in plant vasculature.

Courses Related to Research Interests

Methods of Applied Mathematics (MAT 226ABC) or Partial Differential Equations (MAT 118ABC), Fluid/Continuum Mechanics (MAT 221 or ECH 253A or equivalent), Numerical Methods (MAT 226 or equivalent), courses in Soft Matter or Complex Fluid Phenomena (e.g. ECH 261/262/263/265).