List of Faculty in the Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics (GGAM)

GGAM comprises faculty members from departments across the campus, including its home, the Department of Mathematics. Below is a brief description of faculty research, links to personal and departmental web pages plus some "Related Courses" which can serve as a general study guideline for students interested in research with a particular faculty member. Students who want a more complete description of a faculty member's research interests are encouraged to contact them.

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Biomedical Engineering Bodega Marine Laboratory
Center for Neuroscience Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Civil and Environmental Engineering
Computer Science Department of Pharmacology
Economics Electrical and Computer Engineering
Environmental Science and Policy Evolution and Ecology
Graduate School of Management Land, Air and Water Resources
Materials Science & Engineering Mathematics
Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Molecular and Cellular Biology
Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior Physics

NameResearch/Related Courses
Arsuaga, JavierComputational and Mathematical Biology. Biophysical models of DNA. Topological Data Analysis (TDA) in genetics. Modeling of DNA under spatial confinement: design of viral particles for nanotechnological purposes and modeling of mitochondrial DNA in trypanosomes. Application of TDA to cancer genetics.
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Bai, ZhaojunNumerical linear algebra (theory, algorithm development & analysis)
Biello, Joseph A.Multiscale asymptotics for PDEs; atmospheric science; fluid dynamics.
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Carlsson, Eric
Chaudhuri, RishidevComputational neuroscience; mathematical biology; machine learning; algorithms; distributed computing; graph theory; dynamical systems; high-dimensional probability and statistics
De Loera, JesusDiscrete mathematics, algorithms in algebra and geometry.
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Fannjiang, AlbertImaging, inverse problems, wave propagation, turbulent transport.
Fraas, MartinMathematical Physics; Quantum Information
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Gravner, JankoProbability; cellular automata.
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Gronbech-Jensen, NielsNumerical analysis and methods for molecular modeling, self-assembly in molecular ensembles, computational molecular and statistical mechanics, radiation damage in crystalline materials, vortex dynamics, perturbation techniques for nonlinear oscillators and soliton systems, Josephson systems, superconducting device physics, phase-locking.
Guy, RobertMathematical biology, mathematical modeling, Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluid dynamics, and numerical analysis.
Hass, JoelMathematics, topology, differential geometry, mathematical physics.
Hunter, John KelsoNonlinear wave propagation, continuum mechanics, singular perturbation methods, and nonlinear hyperbolic partial differential equations.
Iyer, SameerMy research interests are in Partial Differential Equations, specifically those equations which arise from fluid dynamics. Within this vast field, I have thus far concentrated on obtaining rigorous results related to the boundary layer theory, which describes the behavior of a viscous fluid in the vicinity of a solid wall at high Reynolds number.
Koeppe, MatthiasMathematical optimization, in particular integer programming and mixed-integer programming; computational discrete mathematics
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Lewis, Timothy J.Mathematical physiology, neuroscience, cardiac electrophysiology.
Luli, Kevin
Ma, ShiqianOperations research and numerical optimization
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Morris, BenjaminMarkov chain Monte Carlo, random walks on graphs, randomized algorithms, probability on trees.
Mulase, MotohicoMathematics. Algebra, geometry, global analysis and mathematical physics.
Nachtergaele, Bruno L.Z.Mathematical physics; statistical mechanics; quantum spin systems; rigorous results in quantum mechanics and condensed matter physics; quantum information and computation.
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Puckett, Elbridge GerryNumerical solutions of PDEs, thermodynamics, droplets, geophysics, mantle convection.
Rademacher, LuisTheoretical computer science. Foundations of data science. Matrix computations. Machine learning. Convex geometry. Optimization.
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Saito, NaokiApplied and computational harmonic analysis, statistical signal processing, image analysis, feature extraction, pattern recognition, potential theory,elliptic eigenvalue problems, geophysical inverse problems, human and machine perception.
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Shkoller, SteveHyperbolic PDE, moving free-boundary and interface problems, mathematical fluid dynamics
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Soshnikov, AlexanderRandom matrix theory; probability theory; mathematical physics; combinatorics.
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Strohmer, ThomasNumerical analysis, applied harmonic analysis, digital signal processing, approximation theory, scientific computing.
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Temple, J. BlakeShock waves, general relativity, applied analysis.
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Teran, JosephScientific computing, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, computer graphics
Thomases, BeccaNon-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics Partial Differential Equations Computational Fluid Mechanics
Vazquez, MarielI am a Professor in the departments of Mathematics and of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at UC Davis. I am a mathematical biologist who specializes in the applications of topological methods and computational tools to the study of DNA packing, DNA-protein interactions, and DNA rearrangements.
Wein, AlexanderTheoretical foundations of data science. Statistical models ranging from community detection in networks to determination of 3-dimensional molecular structure in cryo-electron microscopy.
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Xia, QinglanGeometric measure theory and its application; optimal mass transport problems; mathematical biology; geometric variational problems in singular spaces.