Crutchfield, James - GGAM Faculty


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Area of Interest

Physics of computation, dynamical systems, statistical mechanics, structural complexity, evolutionary dynamics, machine learning, and distributed robotics.

Courses Related to Research Interests

Physics of Information: PHY 256 - Natural Computation and Self-Organization Theory of computation: ECS 120 - Introduction to the Theory of Computation OR ECS 220 - Theory of Computation Stochastic processes: STA 237AB - Time Series Analysis Information theory: EEC 266 - Information Theory and Coding Machine learning: ECS 132 - Probability and Statistical Modeling for Computer Science OR EEC 207 - Pattern Recognition and Classification Statistical inference: STA 251 - Topics in Statistical Methods and Models Statistical mechanics: PHY 219A Computational science: ECS 130 - Scientific Computation ECS 231 - Large Scale Scientific Computing PHY 150/250 - Nonlinear Physics: Modeling Chaos & Complexity