Graduate Student Thesis Advisers

Below is a list of currently active thesis advisers, and what topic each graduate student is studying.

Faculty Adviser Grad Student Degree Sought Student Research Focus
Bai, Zhaojun - Math
Zhou, YunshenApplied, Ph.D.Fitting distance matrices by nonlinear eigenvalue problems
D'Souza, Raissa
Snyder, JordanApplied, Ph.D.Dynamical systems and self-organization
De Loera, Jesus - Math
Haddock, JamieApplied, Ph.D.Iterative Projection Methods for Convex and Combinatorial Optimization
Fannjiang, Albert - Math
Li, LuApplied, Ph.D.Imaging through atmospheric turbulence using phase screens, phase retrieval, and algorithms for inverse problems
Zhang, ZheqingApplied, Ph.D.Solving phase retrieval by Douglas Rachford/ADMM method
Goldman, Mark - NPB
Dong, StellaApplied, Ph.D.balaneced (excitation and inhibition) rate-based and spike-based models for oculomotor integrator
Hass, Joel - Math
Luo, YanwenApplied, Ph.D.Computational geometry
Joy, Ken - Computer Science
Martinez, RobertoApplied, Ph.D.
Lewis, Timothy - Math
Chartrand, ThomasApplied, Ph.D.Mathematical neuroscience, dynamics of coupled oscillators
Docken, SteffenApplied, Ph.D.Dynamics of cardiac electrophysiology, mathematical pharmacology
Puckett, Elbridge Gerry - Math
Sollers, KeithApplied, Ph.D.Optimal placement of trades in securities market exchanges, with an emphasis on using machine-learning techniques to minimize transaction costs
Saito, Naoki - Math
Berrian, AlexanderApplied, Ph.D.Synchrosqueezing transform and adaptive time-frequency representations, with applications to data sonificatioTime-frequency analysis; audio signal processing
Shvarts, EugeneApplied, Ph.D.Theory and structure of social networks
Weber, DavidApplied, Ph.D.Scattering transform, applications to sonar classification, and theory of CNNs
Schreiber, Sebastian - EVE
Cuello, WilliamApplied, Ph.D.Mathematical Ecology, Stochastic Models, and Multispecies Coexistence
Soshnikov, Alexander - Math
Xu, YuanyuanApplied, Ph.D.Spectral properties of large random matrices