Graduate Student Thesis Advisers

Below is a list of currently active thesis advisers, and what topic each graduate student is studying.

Faculty Adviser Grad Student Degree Sought Student Research Focus
Bai, Zhaojun - CS
Lin, Chao-PingApplied, Ph.D.Large sparse eigenvalue problems and the nonlinear eigenvalue problems arising from physical and engineering applications
Balasubramanian, Krishna - Statistics
He, YeApplied, Ph.D.MCMC sampling algorithms
Biello, Joseph - Math
Kalb, ArthurApplied, Ph.D.Equatorial Waves
Guy, Robert - Math
Leathers, BrittanyApplied, Ph.D.More efficient Immersed Boundary methods for studying interactions between fluid and rigid bodies and other boundary value PDE
Hastings, Alan - Environmental Science and Policy
Corcoran, CarlApplied, Ph.D.
Lewis, Timothy - Math
Rose, AdamApplied, Ph.D.
Liu, Xin - Computer Science
Kim, JeonghoonApplied, Ph.D.Machine Learning Developments and Applications
Lopes, Miles - Math
Chen, XiaotieApplied, Ph.D.Bootstrap methods for error analysis of randomized algorithms
Ma, Shiqian - Math
Wang, ZhongruoApplied, Ph.D.Optimization algorithms and its application in machine learning
Li, JiaxiangApplied, Ph.D.Nonlinear and nonsmooth optimizations and their applications
Rademacher, Luis - Math
Chen, HaolinApplied, Ph.D.Tensor problems with application to Gaussian mixtures and foundation of data sciences
Saito, Naoki - Math
Shvarts, EugeneApplied, Ph.D.Theory and structure of social networks
Sharpnack, James - Statistics
Sheng, StephenApplied, Ph.D.Deep Learning and its applications. Development of unsupervised and semi-supervised learning techniques for machine learning
Strohmer, Thomas - Math
Sheng, Junda(Albie)Applied, Ph.D.Semi-supervised Community Detection via Semidefinite Programming
Temple, Blake - Math
Alexander, ChristopherApplied, Ph.D.General Relativistic Shock Wave Theory
Zhang, Michael - CEE
Hui, ShouweiApplied, Ph.D.Macroscopic traffic flow control and stabilization.