Becoming a GGAM Faculty member

UC Davis faculty who wish to participate in GGAM, in particular to be the adviser of graduate students in Applied Mathematics, can apply for membership in GGAM. Please send the following to with cc to

0. Your brief statement of interest in becoming a GGAM member.

1. An electronic copy of your CV.

2. Your email address. (This is so we can add you to SmartSite.)

3. Description in what ways you meet the eligibility requirements as stated in our bylaws (please see the excerpt below). Include a list of courses that you teach that would be relevant for Applied Mathematics graduate students.

Per our bylaws, these materials will be made available to all current GGAM members for review; then the GGAM Executive Committee will make a decision.

Please also prepare the following materials; we will use them on our website when your membership has been approved.

4. A brief description of your research area and a list of recommended courses that would be helpful to any of our students interested in working with you. Follow this link for an example.

5. A current portrait photo for use on our website. The photo should be in JPG format, 3:4 aspect ratio, 120x160 pixels or preferably bigger. (This is the same format as the photos on the Math faculty list.)

6. A narrative that we can use as a news item about you as a new GGAM member on the Applied Math website. Include notable biographical and research information.

7. An illustration from your research that would be a good fit to be featured on the image slider on the top right corner of the Applied Math website. It could be a figure from one of your papers or a more general image that illustrates your research topic. Preferably, the illustration should be a JPG or PNG file in 10:7 aspect ratio and at least 450x315 pixels. The top left corner should be white or light enough so that the superimposed black caption can be read. Include a title, a short caption, and a link to a related website.

8. List of books authored (include title image and link) and software authored or maintained (provide a logo or screenshot of the software and a link.)

We would also strongly encourage you to give a talk in an appropriate seminar, describing your research. Our suggestion is either the Applied Math/PDE seminar or the Student-Run Applied & Math seminar. For more information about these seminar series, please take a look at the seminar web page and contact the organizers listed there.

Excerpt from our bylaws regarding membership:


A. Membership in the Group shall be open to those persons who have an active commitment to graduate education in mathematical research and who are qualified to supervise graduate students based on demonstrated expertise and research interests in the field. Members must hold a professorial appointment in Academic Senate titles or as an Adjunct Professor in accord with Graduate Council guidelines ( . The normal criteria to be applied in appraising the qualifications of prospective members of the Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics include:

(1) The existence of a history of demonstrated interest in mathematical research, either in theoretical or in applied areas.

(2) Interest and ability in participating in the formulation, maintenance, and administration of graduate programs in Applied Mathematics leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.

(3) Interest and ability in teaching courses in the graduate Applied Mathematics curriculum.

(4) Interest and ability in advising students seeking graduate degrees in Applied Mathematics or students wishing to develop a "minor" program in Applied Mathematics while pursuing a graduate degree in another discipline.

(5) Interest and ability in supervising the research of graduate students through membership, as Chair or otherwise, on committees overseeing master's theses or doctoral dissertations in Applied Mathematics.

Individuals who feel they can contribute to the Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics through activities such as those mentioned above may apply for membership to the Executive Committee of the Group. Admission to the Group is by majority vote of the Executive Committee. Here and elsewhere in these Bylaws majority means any number strictly greater than one half times the number of the those eligible to vote.