Largier, John L. - GGAM Faculty

Bodega Marine Laboratory
Environmental Science and Policy

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Area of Interest

Study of hydrodynamics and dispersion in coastal ocean, including bays, estuaries and nearshore. Dispersion problems related to environmental issues, e.g., water quality, population ecology, algal blooms, estuarine habitat. Hydrodynamic problems include stratified flow, surface wind forcing, flow-topography interactions (e.g., jets, wakes, boundary layers), and waves/tides/internal waves.

Courses Related to Research Interests

ESP152 for coastal oceanography concepts ESP150 for oceanography equations CEE/Schladow or HYD/Wallender for environmental hydrodynamics ECI264 for estuary transport and mixing ESP/Hastings course for marine populations Dispersion course, e.g., water quality in CEE or HYD or GGAM