The recently released version of Wolfram's Mathematica software now features the celebrated Tracy–Widom distribution, named after GGAM member Prof. Craig A. Tracy and his long-term collaborator Harold Widom.

To learn more about the Tracy–Widom distribution, please see the recent article in Quanta Magazine, At the Far Ends of a New Universal Law.

Powerful new applications continue to show up. Most recently, ISA Interchange reported on a Tracy-Widom Approach to F-16 Aircraft Sensor-Actuator Fault Detection. See also this NeuroImage 2014 article: To cut or not to cut? Assessing the modular structure of brain networks.

Professor Tracy has received numerous honors for his work. Most recently, in Winter quarter 2016, he was a KITP Simons Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics.