Courses in the Math department:

Topics Courses:

  • MAT 280-001: "Topics in Math." Instructor: Dimofte, TD
  • MAT 280-002: "General Relativity and Differential Geometry." Temple, JB

Courses in other departments:

  • ATM 255 "Numerical Modeling of the Atmosphere." Instructor: Shu-Hua Chen
  • ECS 220 "Theory of Computing." Instructor: Dave Doty
  • ECI 257 "Flows in Transportation Networks." Instructor: Michael Zhang
  • NPB/NSC 287B "Topics in Theoretical Neuroscience: Machine Learning & Statistical Learning Theory." Instructor: Mark Goldman
  • PHYS 250 "Econophysics." Instructor: John Rundle

Preview for Spring 2017:

  • MAT 280, "Mathematical foundations of machine learning", Instructor: Michael Wolf
    Machine learning is at the heart of recent advances in artificial intelligence - from object and speech recognition to self driving cars and Go-playing computers. The course will provide an overview on the mathematical foundations of the field, emphasizing rigorous results as well as open questions. It is targeted at mathematics students with interest in computer science. Topics covered will include: Vapnik-Chervonenkis theory, (deep) neural networks, support vector machines and kernel methods.