Courses in the Math department:

Topics Courses:

  • MAT 280-001: "Experimental Mathematics" Instructor: Anne Schilling
  • MAT 280-002: "Algebraic Curves and Degenerations" Instructor: Brian Osserman
  • MAT 280-003: "Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning" Instructor: Michael Wolf

Courses in other departments:

  • ABT 289A-001 "A Path to Zero Net Energy: A Hands-On Approach" Instructor: Kurt Kornbluth
  • ABT 289A-002 "Energy, Agriculture and Development: Design, Build, Test" Instructor: TBD
  • GER 297-001 "The Case of Cinema in Germany" Instructor: Jaimey Fisher
  • PHA 299 "Advances in Computational Biology and Pharmacology" Instructor: Dr. Igor Vorobyov