From Naoki Saito:

* Course Announcement: Spring 2012 *
* MAT 280 (CRN: 79746): Harmonic Analysis on Graphs and Networks *
* *
* Instructor: Naoki Saito, phone: 754-2121, email: *
* Schedule: Mondays & Wednesdays 5:10pm-6:30pm *
* Place: 2112 Math. Sci. Bldg. *
* First class: April 2 (M), 5:10pm @ 2112 MSB *

+ Office Hours: By appointment

+ Synopsis: Graphs and networks have been successfully used in a variety of
fields (e.g., machine learning, data mining, image analysis, sensor networks,
social sciences, etc.) that are confronted with the analysis and modeling of
high-dimensional datasets. Harmonic analysis tools originally developed for
Euclidean spaces and regular lattices are now being transferred to the general
settings of graphs and networks in order to analyze geometric and topological
structures, and data and signals measured on them. In this course, we shall
discuss a variety of important theories and interesting applications employing
harmonic analysis of and on graphs and networks.
Topics include: graph Laplacians, their eigenvalues and eigenvectors for
structural/morphological analysis; wavelets on graphs; random walks and
diffusion on graphs; spectral clustering; non-local means denoising algorithms,

+ Prerequisite: MAT 129, MAT 167, MAT 271, or consent of instructor.

+ Course material: Will be provided by instructor.

+ Grading scheme: Class attendance + final report (to be finalized).