Courses in the Math department:

Courses in other departments:

ECL/PBG 231 (39407). "Math Method Pop Biology" Instructor: Alan Hastings

MAE 210A (48232)."Advanced Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer" Instructor: J. Delplanque

STA 237A (62305). "Time Series Analysis" Instructor: Alexander Aue

Special information about the 2017–2018 optimization courses:

Our optimization course sequence is taught every 2 years. The two graduate-level optimization courses MAT-258A and MAT-258B are independent from each other. This year, MAT-258B (Discrete / Mixed Integer Optimization, taught by Prof. Koeppe) runs in Winter and MAT-258A (Numerical Optimization, taught by Prof. Ma) runs in Spring. The upper-division class MAT-168 is offered in Fall (taught by Prof. Freund) and Winter (taught by Prof. Rademacher). It is highly recommended as preparation to all graduate students who have not taken a class in optimization before. For additional optimization-related announcements, see